My contribution on work share with other engravers
Engraving on "jewelry"

Of course I engrave more than firearms and knives and sometime several engravers contribute to the creation of a unique work, in such case I did not want to take full credit for it but only for my contribution. Here are some examples:

Gold Inlay (ref 81)
Multicolor inlay (ref 82)
Gold inlay (ref 83)
Gold inlay (ref 84)
Multicolor inlay (ref 85)
Bulino (ref 86)
Multicolor overlay (ref 87)
Multicolor overlay (ref 88)
Bulino game scene (ref 89)
Bulino game scene (ref 90)
Bulino game scene (ref 91)

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Engraving on "jewelry; I hesitate to call what I do "jewelry" because I am not a jeweler, just an engraver but I engrave things, such as pendants or rings, which can be wear so…I have only pictures of pendants, they are the size of a quarter, 24.5 mm almost 1 inch, they could be bigger or smaller. I usually engrave pendant owner’s pet, the portrait is often shaded gold inlay, of course you will see some exceptions. I number and sign each pendant.

Gold inlay and bouquet (ref 92)
Gold inlay and bulino (ref 93)
Multicolor inlay and bulino (ref 94)
Gold inlay and bulino (ref 95)
Bulino on white gold (ref 96)
Multicolor inlay and bulino (ref 97)
Multicolor inlay and bulino (ref 98)
Gold inlay and bulino (ref 99)
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