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     Shotguns Pictures

Browning O/U, gold inlay ornamentation and animals. (ref # 1)

browning1: image 1 0f 4 thumb

Francotte S/S Side Lock. English scrolls, bouquets and game scenes (ref # 2)

Arrieta S/S Side Lock. Large English scroll and gold inlay. (ref # 3)

Parker, English scrolls, bouquets and gold inlay. (ref # 4)


Holland and Holland back action "Royal" English scrolls and game scenes. (ref # 5)

Kolar O/U, large English scrolls and gold inlay . (ref # 6)

Kolar O/U shotgun, medium size scrolls deep relief, gold inlay. (ref # 7)

Kolar O/U shotgun, deep relief, mask and floral pattern . (ref # 8)

Kolar O/U, large scrolls deep relief. (ref # 9)

Kolar O/U, gold inlay, English scrolls and bouquets. (ref # 10)

Winchester Md 42, medium size scroll and gold inlay animals.   (ref # 11)

Winchester Md 42, large American scrolls and gold inlay animals.   (ref # 12)

Winchester Md 21, scroll and gold inlay game scene. (ref # 13)

Perazzi O/U, gold overlay, large floral scrolls and deep relief. (ref # 14

Perazzi O/U, English scrolls and bouquet. (ref # 15)

Perazzi O/U, English scrolls and bouquet.  (ref # 16)

Remington Md 32, medium size scrolls, and gold overlay. (ref # 17)

Fox, S/S shotgun multicolor inlay.   (ref # 18)

Side lock shotgun, 28GA. Arboreal deep relief pattern, multicolor inlay and bullino shading. (ref # 19)

Lebeau-Courally side lock, English scrolls and bulino game scene. (ref # 20)

Winchester Md 21 410 GA, deep relief and multi-color inlay. (ref # 21)

Galazan Over/Under sidelock, arboreal deep relief and multi-color inlay. (ref # 22)

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